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IDataDistributionChannelCallback Class Referenceabstract

The C++ callback interface to be externally implemented. More...

#include <DataDistributionManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void OnUnderlyingEvent (const CHANNEL_HANDLE_PARAMETER, const UnderlyingEventData *uEvent)=0
 Callback invoked to report UnderlyingEventData.

Detailed Description

The C++ callback interface to be externally implemented.

Implement this interface in an external class and pass the pointer to IDataDistributionChannelBase::CreateChannel. The external class will be called conseguently.

See also

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnUnderlyingEvent()

virtual void IDataDistributionChannelCallback::OnUnderlyingEvent ( const CHANNEL_HANDLE_PARAMETER  ,
const UnderlyingEventData uEvent 
pure virtual

Callback invoked to report UnderlyingEventData.

Callback invoked when subsystem needs to report an UnderlyingEventData.

channelHandle reports the channel handle source of UnderlyingEventData uEvent the UnderlyingEventData event

Implemented in SmartDataDistributionChannel.

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