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DataDistributionCallback Class Reference

Class to convert C style callback into C++ callback. More...

#include <DataDistributionManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for DataDistributionCallback:

Static Public Member Functions

static IDataDistributionCallbackcreate (void *opaque, dataDistributionConfigurationCb confCb, dataDistributionLoggingCb logCb, dataDistributionCompletelyDisconnectedCb cbCb)
 Creates a new IDataDistributionCallback instance.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from IDataDistributionCallback
virtual const char * OnConfiguration (const char *channelName, const char *key, const char *value)=0
 Invoked during configuration validation.
virtual void OnLogging (DDM_LOG_LEVEL level, const char *source, const char *function, const char *logStr)=0
 Callback invoked when a log is emitted from subsystem.
virtual void OnCompletelyDisconnected (const char *channelName, const char *reason)=0
 Callback invoked on a complete disconnection.

Detailed Description

Class to convert C style callback into C++ callback.

This class allocates an IDataDistributionCallback with point to C-style callback

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

static IDataDistributionCallback * DataDistributionCallback::create ( void *  opaque,
dataDistributionConfigurationCb  confCb,
dataDistributionLoggingCb  logCb,
dataDistributionCompletelyDisconnectedCb  cbCb 

Creates a new IDataDistributionCallback instance.

opaque user pointer sent back on C-style callback invocation confCb C-style dataDistributionConfigurationCb callback logCb C-style dataDistributionLoggingCb callback cbCb C-style dataDistributionCompletelyDisconnectedCb callback

the new IDataDistributionCallback

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